Renato Petese


Renato Petese, born in 1978, is a renowned entrepreneur in the recreational boating sector in Marina di Leuca. With a lifelong passion for the sea, he began his career many years ago, building a solid reputation through dedication and professionalism. Since 1993, Renato has focused his business on boat rentals in Salento, one of the most enchanting destinations for sea and sailing enthusiasts.

His company offers a wide range of boats, catering to both licensed sailors and those who wish to navigate without a license. Renato's fleet includes boats of various sizes and types, all meticulously maintained to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for his clients.
The success of his business is also attributed to the contributions of a large staff of skilled and qualified professionals, ready to offer assistance and advice to make every sea outing unforgettable.

Thanks to his experience and the quality of services provided, Renato Petese has become a point of reference in boat rentals in Salento, attracting tourists and boating enthusiasts from around the world.